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Husqvarna 300 ST Tree Pruning Saw | 967236501 | Buy 1 @

Husqvarna 300 ST Tree Pruning Saw | Buy 1 @

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The Professional use Husqvarna 300 ST Tree Pruning Saw is great for both professionals and other users alike who want or need precision accuracy and aggressive cutting performance.  Teamed with a straight blade, this saw is great for use with trees with close branches.  Using a straight blade is ideal because it is easier to control and they are less likely to clip other branches that are close by during precision pruning.   A straight blade also enables the user to manipulate hinge cuts in trees when precision felling trees.

This non folding pruning saw comes with a protective sheath which can be hung on your side.  The rigid blade with impulse hardened precision cutting teeth feature triple grinding.  What does that mean?  It means you get a particularly high sawing performance with less effort, and a longer lifetime of use.  The exceptionally smooth pulling cut is ideal for both fresh and dry wood cutting.  During sawing there is a stop on the handle which prevents your hand from slipping which is proven to be useful when sawing and helps you make smooth cutting progress.  The ergonomically designed handle shape with soft handle parts helps the saw lie comfortably and safely in your hand. 

Total length of the saw is 19.7" with 11.8" of that being the length of the blade.