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Toro 84-1980 Rubber Snow Thrower Paddle | Buy 1 @

84-1980 Genuine Toro Rubber Snow Thrower Paddle | Buy 1 @

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Why settle for imitation parts that just don't last.  Every Toro 84-1980 Rubber Paddle that we sell is a Genuine OEM Toro Part.  NO Substitutions, No Excuses. 

Remember when you first got that Toro Snowblower?  Remember how amazed you were that such a little snow thrower could paddle that snow out of it so far and so easily.   Have you noticed now that it just does not blower the snow like it used to.

Well my friends, if the snow is not going as far as it used to you need new paddles.  Each Toro 84-1980 paddle that we send to you will be a genuine toro part number 84-1980. 

Why buy the toro genuine paddle when there are so many cheaper alternatives out there?   I'll tell you why. Out of all the knock off imitation toro rubber paddles that we field tested, we found the toro 84-1980 snowthrower paddle simply outlasted them all.  The reason is the high quality rubber with built in strapping.  Others try to make their rubber paddles appear to look like the toro paddle, however they are not using the same quality components that can handle the abuse of the rubber constantly making contact with the ground.  They wear prematurely compared to the toro paddle and end up costing you more money, time, and frustration.   So far we have not found a cheaper knock off paddle that would actually save you money after having to replace them far more often compared to the new Toro paddles that we sell.  Do It Right The First Time.

Order your new Toro 84-1980 Rubber Paddle for your snow thrower right now and we promise it is in stock and ready to ship.

84-1980 Paddles are sold & priced per each.   Order two paddles for a complete new set.