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430X Husqvarna Auto Mower 3/4 Acre Capable | Super X Power 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Prepare to magically amaze your friends.   Be the first person in the neighborhood to install the Husqvarna 430X automower and see how many people come up to you and want to be your new best friend.  If you don't like people and friends, then the auto mower is not for you.   But if your the rebel, the risk taker, or an opportunist we can have Rob ship the 430X right to your door if you live in the lower 48 states.

Did you know that when you come into Super X Power & purchase your 430X auto mower from us we give you a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee so if you are not happy or amazed with your 430X auto mower, simply return it back to Super X Power for a full refund or exchange,  which ever you prefer.  

As a premier Husqvarna Auto Mower Dealer, Super X Power has shipped the Auto Mower to people all around the US.   We love selling the 430X it says what it does, and does what it says.  It will pristinely maintain your yard up to 3/4 of an acre.   You will wake up to a perfect lawn every day.  Your lawn does not appear to even grow and the results you will see are nothing short of amazing.   Remember, if your Husqvarna 430X purchase from us at Super X Power does not amaze you and make you smile, then simply return it for your money back, or exchange it for one that does make you smile within 60 Days.  We are easy to get along with and love making our customers smile!

Stick it in the cart and check out.  Remember we will only sell these to rebels, risk takers, and opportunists..... Live outside the lines and enjoy!

Photo's show the Husqvarna Auto Mower here at our store keeping our large lawn perfect all season long.   The second photo shows an auto mower that we installed at Stones Throw Golf Course last summer that kept the grounds around their club house perfectly manicured and looking amazing every day.

 Husqvarna 430X Specs                                      

#Battery type
Typical charging time
65 min
Typical mow time on one charge
135 min
Mean energy consumption at maximum use
0.8 acre
Power consumption during cutting
30 W


Working area capacity (±20)
0.8 acre
Charging system
Maximum incline within the working area
24 °
Maximum incline inside working area
45 %
Maximum incline at boundary wire
15 %

Cutting deck

Cutting system
3 pivoting razor blades
Cutting width
9.45 in
Cutting height, max (approximate)
2.4 in
Cutting height, min (approximate)
0.8 in


Product Size, LxWxH
28.4x22.0 inx12.2 in
Granite Grey
28.7 lbs


19 buttons
Handle type
Wheel threads
PIN code
Installation lock
Time lock
Lift sensor
Tilt sensor
Extra blades
9 pcs
Loop wire
0 ft
0 pcs

Sound and Noise

Sound level Guaranteed
58 dB(A)