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husqvarna splitting maul | 576926601 | Buy 1 @

Husqvarna Splitting Maul | Buy 1 @

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Because the Husqvarna splitting maul has a hardened striking face in the neck, it can be used as a sledge hammer which allows you to also use a splitting wedge.  Don't let the lighter weight of this popular splitting maul fool you.  At a whopping 6.5 lbs,  this wood splitting maul is an animal.  People ask us all the time, " I saw a 12 pound maul at the hardware store for $50 bucks,  how can this Husqvarna be more money, and split wood more wood than the cheap hardware store model."  The truth to that answer lies in a few things.  Number one,  you don't need a ton of weight to split wood, what you need is a high quality splitting maul head which the Husqvarna maul has.  Next, the amount of energy it takes to wield around a 12 pound maul is very hard on your back, shoulders and legs.  

You know what, I am going tell you why you should own this Husqvarna maul.  I (Rob) personally own this maul,  I burn around 15-20 full chords of wood a season,  I can take this maul to the wood pile and go side by side with someone running an engine powered wood splitter & out split an engine powered wood splitter with it.  I hand split about 5 or so of those 15-20 chords of wood for fun and I have done so for the last 3 years with my Husqvarna maul.  I have not had to sharpen this maul once.  I had that $50 hardware maul before,  it was heavy,  I felt like a man swinging it, and my shoulders bulked up some.   I also rounded the cutting edge on it in no time at all.  It was exactly as it was advertised as  a $50 maul.  Since I have had my Husqvarna splitting maul, I have sold them to many customers including my friends and family.  Do yourself a favor,  spend the money on this high quality Husqvarna splitting maul.  You will thank me later.

 This Hand Forged Husqvarna Splitting Maul is made using high quality precision ground Swedish steel and is matched with a premium hickory shaft.  The maul comes with a leather edge cover for your protection when not in use.  Trust us,  this maul is SHARP.  The head is attached to the handle using both a steel and wooden wedge for a tight professional fit.