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husqvarna H900 Hatchet | 580761001 | Buy 1 @

Husqvarna H900 Hatchet | Buy 1 @

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The Husqvarna H900 Hatchet has a robust Fiber Reinforced PA Shaft, and the balance point close to the hatchet head gives it perfect balance and weight distribution.  Designed for fire wood, garden work and other outdoor activities.  The hatchets soft grip handle gives you secure handling and better feel in your hand.  The hatchet head has a non-stick coating which reduces friction and allows it to penetrate into wood easier. Built with a 13.4" handle and weighing only 1.98 pounds, this is a professional quality hatchet. Built to be used, and built to last. 

You will find this hatchet along side of professional loggers, arborists and forest fire fighters.  It could be by your side too and it should be.