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Husqvarna Brush Clearing Axe | 579000601 | Buy 1 @

Husqvarna Brush Clearing Axe | Buy 1 @

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Looking for a tool to cut down brush?  The Husqvarna Brush Clearing Axe is the perfect tool for the job.  Designed to clear brush using only one hand, the handy Husqvarna clearing axe weighs less than 2.5 pounds and has a 26" long hickory wood shaft.  With a replaceable blade, expect years and years of service.  A perfect inexpensive alternative to a gas powered brush cutter.  Whether you have a little bit to do or are looking to clear large areas of brush.  With this tool in your arsenal it can be done.  So order one up and have a  little fun next time you go out to work.  

Whistle while you work... da da do do do do do.