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Tecumseh Model Number Location

 In order to help you locate your tecumseh engine model numbers, we have put together this page so you can find your tecumseh engine model number location.When you click the link a new page will open.  It will show you where the model number was put on newer tecumseh engines made from 2004 and newer. 
If you have an older tecumseh engine, please view the link also as it will also give you some good tips on where to look for your tecumseh model number location. 
Keep in mind, if you have an older tecumseh engine and you are not finding a model number sticker,  LOOK ON THE ENGINE SHROUD NEAR THE SPARK PLUG FOR THE NUMBERS TO BE STAMPED RIGHT INTO THE METAL.  On some older tecumseh snowblower engines that have the model numbers stamped into the metal shoud, you may have to remove the electric starter button as sometimes they are under it.
Once you have viewed and printed the tecumseh model number location page, please close the window and you will return back here and then you can

This link will take you to the model number locations of tecumseh engines.  CLICK HERE  NOTE: once you have located your tecumseh engines model number, and spec number, (you will need both)  you can enter them into our model number search.  For example, you have an HSK50 with a spec number of 15555R, you will only type the spec number into the search bar and hit search, so you would type in  15555R into the search box and hit search, and it will display the matches,  just make sure you choose the one that has the model number HSK50 for this example, and you will then be able to view every part that is specific to your tecumseh engine along with the diagrams and parts list!
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Tecumseh Engine Model Number Location