?? Poulan and Poulan Pro Model Number Location USA

Poulan and Poulan Pro model number locations so you can find and order the correct parts for your poulan or poulan pro.

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 To locate the model number on your poulan or poulan pro hand held equipment like a chainsaw , trimmer or similar piece of equipment you will want to look on the
rewind housing,  and you will also want to find the serial number sticker usually on the plastic covering the engine.  The serial number provides you with the "TYPE" number.
For example you have a chainsaw, and on the side cover it says 2050WT  this is your model number in this example
Now you locate the serial number and the serial number is  12345678-4,   now the only part of this you will need is the number after the dash, which in this case is "4" and
this is what is called your type number.   So for looking up parts your will search for 2050WT and when the results display choose the one that says type  4,  and you will
then be looking at diagrams of your exact model, and will be ordering the correct parts for yours.

For Poulan and Poulan Pro Wheeled products like Mowers, Tiller, and Riding Mowers, and Snowblowers

For Walk Behind Mowers
,  for any part related to it besides engines parts your will want to look for a sticker usually found on the top of the mower deck towards the rear.
Example model number     xt2055ch       once you have that, type it into the search and then you will be able to order all the poulan parts that you need for it.

For Riding Mowers,  For any part for it besides engine parts, flip the seat up and on a sticker on the fender should be the model  number ,  it may look like one of these two examples.
96123456789    or    PO1538   either should work in the search,  I my self prefer to use the one that looks like PO1538 to start.

For Tillers and Snowblowers, for any parts for it that are not engine parts,  look for the model sticker on the side of the tiller , or on the top of the auger housing on a snowblower or on the rear of the snow thrower.   Examples of these are   pp208er  would be an example model number.

For ENGINE PARTS,  go to the page on our site that pretains to that manufacture to learn how to locate the correct model number of your engine so you cna order the right parts online
right here at www.superxpower.com

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